True Rebirth’s Blue Mopho Butterfly Lotus and Water — Symbols of Rebirth and Reincarnation

The Morpho-Lotus of True Rebirth

There are many symbols for rebirth and reincarnation, from the butterfly to the scarab, to the lotus and the Phoenix. The symbol and logo for combines the stunning Blue Morpho butterfly with the Lotus and water, all three powerful archetypal symbols representing rebirth, reincarnation and past lives.

The Blue Morpho — one of the world’s most beautiful butterflies — with its iridescent blue color — is also one of the largest, with up to an eight-inch massive wingspan. Butterflies are one of the most common symbols of reincarnation around the world.

In True Rebirth, we unite three symbols of rebirth: the Blue Morpho Butterfly, a symbol of reincarnation, with the Lotus — a well-known symbol for rebirth in both Hinduism and Buddhism and also in Ancient Egypt— and stylized water.

The Lotus is probably the best-known and most beautiful, symbol of rebirth. The Lotus flower rises each day out of the muddy, dark water, blooming daily before it goes back into the mud — repeating the cycle each day.

The amazing lotus, blooms each day, rising from the mud and the gloom, stunning in its glory and beauty, only to fold and recede into the mud once more — then to rise and bloom another day.


Over 2 Billion People Relate to Rebirth

Over 2 Billion people accept rebirth, reincarnation, and past lives as fact. [For more information on this number, see our About page>>] This covers a diverse range of cultures, spiritual paths, faiths and people, from Hinduism and Buddhism to Daoism (Taoism) to Christianity (about 22% according to research), to nature-based traditions, paganism, Wicca, shamanism and more. Many agnostics and some atheists accept the possibility of rebirth as well.

For this reason, there are many symbols, historically, reflecting rebirth or past lives, including the top 10:

  1. Lotus: associated with Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient Egyptian traditions.
  2. Butterflies and Moths: worldwide symbol,  widely used in Buddhism and Daoism, Greek myth, and especially strong with many indigenous spiritualities. Traditionally, if we see a butterfly or moth after a funeral, we think it is the deceased flying off to a new life — and auspicious sign.
  3. Phoenix: associated with Green myth.
  4. Buddhist Dharmachakra, the Eight Spoked Dharma Wheel: representing the Noble Eightfold Path that helps us escape from the endless wheel of Samsara.
  5. Ouroboros: the Nordic, Egyptian, and Greek ancient symbol of a snake that eats its own tail — a symbol of the cycle of life, death, and eventual rebirth. Snakes first became associated with rebirth and renewal due to their regular shedding of skin.
  6. Scarab beetle: in ancient Egypt, especially, they are considered a symbol of reincarnation, rebirth or immortality.
  7. Triskele: The ancient Celtic symbol symbolizes, infinity, sun, afterlife, and rebirth.
  8. Infinity: The Infinity symbol, which is closely related to Ouroborus, also represents the endless cycle of rebirth and infinite life.
  9. Yin Yang: Although the Yin Yang represents the perfect harmony and balance of Yin with Yang, it also represents the endless cycle of life.
  10. Salamander: represents rebirth and immortality, among other associations.




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