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Do you have a story, feature, video or podcast idea? Would you like to submit to Formats include:

  • Written features published online and in ezine format
  • Youtube video scripts
  • Podcast scripts or Guest Podcasts

To submit, please use our contact form and initially query your topic>>

We are a non-profit media source dedicated to the mission. If you submit, you understand it is an unpaid submission, strictly for the benefit of readers who are interested in our mission:

Explore the truth of reincarnation and past lives.

Most content is from our staff editor/writers. Our content guidelines for submitting writers are:

1. Should have strict focus on past lives, rebirth or reincarnation, and contribute something new and interesting to the conversion. We cover science, spirituality, case studies and interesting facts.

2. Must be minimum 500 words. We have no maximum.

3. MUST BE ORIGINAL (sorry for caps, but some people submit previously published which we will not run. We run Copyscape on all content.)

4. NO commercial or sponsored content please. Links to anything for sale will be removed. (The author can include do-follow links relevant to themselves only in the author bio, and they must be relevant (i.e. their own website or social media — not sponsored links to other parties.)

5. Anything that offers advice of a medical or psychological nature must have heavy disclaimers and be stated as your opinion (i.e. the opinion of the author, not of

6. ALL SOURCES MUST HAVE CITATIONS. Our preferred format is [number] and Footnotes on the bottom with links.

7. Any submitted content, including photos, should be available for publication (clear of copyright issues.)

8. We will not publish anything political in nature.

9. If you are giving “advice” or stating an opinion, be sure to state clearly it’s your opinion (unless you’re quoting someone else, see above.)

We welcome your submission.

To submit, please use our contact form and initially query your topic>>



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